Case Study June 3, 2020

Mohite Group Website & Branding

A 30+ years of infrastructure and commercial projects’ legacy, venturing into residential and redevelopment of structures and buildings, Mohite Group has trust and values in core. The new projects which have shaped up since the 2000s, making the Mohite Group, a well recognised name in commercial, residential projects. The senior management boasts of 25+ years in the construction industry and working with Mohite Group. 

This new formed identity is a testament to the companies’ ever growing legacy and the next generation taking it ahead by a step, Mohite Group’s website is a closer look at their work, the newly done logo keeps the essence of the identity intact while giving it a futuristic look. 


Redo the logo which will be keeping the core value of construction and Mohite Group intact but will also go well with the current trends in design. Website brief was to showcase the legacy, showcase their current projects and keep the design simple yet modern

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    Mohite Group

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